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Coming in February 2020: #evolve


WorldatWork will launch its new digital-only magazine, #evolve, in February. #evolve aims to inform and inspire leaders who are hungry to understand the influential factors that impact their jobs, organizational performance and workforce outcomes.


“Women in Leadership: The Power of Speaking Up and the Reward of Mentoring,” by Jane Larson, WorldatWork

As the topic of pay equity continues to heat up, there’s one area that perhaps doesn’t get enough focus: the problem of underrepresentation in leadership. Here, four women discuss how they fought the patriarchy — and won.

“Building Diversity and Inclusion: Leading by Example,” by Maureen Berkner Boyt

In this day and age, “good intentions” are not enough when it comes to diversity and inclusion. As leaders, it is imperative to “walk the talk” to show your employees the best way to be inclusive in their diverse environments.

Employee Experience 

“Meeting the Marketplace Where It Is: Remote Culture Requires More Than a Zoom Connection,” by Mark Athitakis, WorldatWork

With the remote workforce expected to expand in the coming years, the traditional ways of doing business won’t cut it. Employers will have to be creative to make sure their employees remain engaged.

“Be a Unicorn: The Goal of Employee Experience,” by Ravin Jesuthasan and Suzanne McAndrew

In the world of business today, disruption can come from all angles. Developing the right employee experience can help ensure that it’s not coming from inside the walls.

Workplace Transformation

“Testing, 1, 2, 3: Pilot Projects Can Invigorate Workforce Transformation,” by Bill Heath and Axel Miller

Work is changing and is requiring organizations to be more agile. But some may be concerned about causing too much disruption. There may be a way to transform quickly, with less risk.

Perks That Work

“Yabba Dabba Do! Commuter Benefits Rock at Bedrock Financial,” by Kelly Hostetler

Commuter benefits can help put your organization in the war-for-talent driver’s seat.

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