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Better Productivity Key Benefit to Teleworking


This article was edited on June 11, 2018, at 2:30 PT.

Besides the flexibility, one of the main benefits from teleworking could well be increased productivity.

A survey by Clutch found that 54% of employees with the option to telework said they are most productive when they work outside a traditional office environment, such as home or a coffee shop.

68% of the 1,003 workers surveyed work in a traditional office. However, higher productivity isn’t the only reason employees prefer other workspace options. 26% of employees who have the option to telework said a better work-life balance is the top benefit of working outside the office.

Other benefits to teleworking mentioned by respondents included:

  • Flexible work hours (21%)
  • Fewer distractions (18%)

This would explain why a majority of workers surveyed (62%) said they would rather telework than work in an office setting.

“We see a lot of offices that were designed to a trend but not to a client,” said Scott Delano of Wright Heerema Architects. “Frequently, the decision-makers have a workflow that is so far removed from the people who are actually doing the work … so (decision-makers) are less aware of what those people need to perform at their best." 

Clutch’s survey also identified trends related to coworking spaces, which are places where a diverse group of people from different organizations come together to use the same space and resources. 25% of coworking space users surveyed said the main benefits are collaboration and creativity.

Networking and professional growth opportunities are other valued aspects of coworking spaces, according to the survey.


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