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WorldatWork’s research and surveys provide the human resources community with critical knowledge and insights to guide HR strategy in today’s modern work environments. Our data empowers HR professionals with information for fact-based decision making in our core areas of benefits, compensation, executive compensation, sales compensation, work-life and total rewards. WorldatWork members receive exclusive access to participate in our valued Salary Budget Survey.

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Recent Surveys

A WorldatWork Research Report

This report summarizes the results of March 2019 survey of WorldatWork members to inform WorldatWork’s position on potential changes to the FLSA overtime regulations.

WorldatWork Salary Budget Survey

The WorldatWork 2019-2020 Salary Budget Survey is Now Available. Participants receive the results complimentary. Non-participants can now purchase.

WorldatWork’s annual salary budget survey is the longest-running survey of its kind, delivering data and information that covers 19 countries. For more than 45 years, compensation professionals have relied on the salary budget survey in making key decisions about their compensation spend. Results available now.

Total Rewards Inventory Programs and Practices

WorldatWork, with underwriting support from Korn Ferry, gathered data about the use of total rewards programs in U.S. companies. This survey focused on the prevalence of a variety of total rewards programs and practices in today’s workplace.

Quick Survey on U.S. Pay Equity Practices
A WorldatWork Research Report

This report summarizes the results of a January 2019 survey of WorldatWork members to gather information about trends in practices designed to ensure pay equity.

Trends in Employee Recognition
A Report by WorldatWork, Underwritten by Maritz Motivation February 2019

This report summarizes the results of a survey of WorldatWork members to gather information about current trends in employee recognition programs and practices. This survey is designed to measure specific types of recognition programs and the impact on the workforce.

Paid Time Off Programs and Practices

This report summarizes the results of a March 2019 survey of WorldatWork members that gathered information on traditional and PTO bank-type programs, as well as current practices in paid parental leave, which is separate from these other programs.

On March 13, 2019, survey invitations were sent electronically to 5,222 WorldatWork members. The survey closed on March 29, 2019, with 557 responses. The dataset was cleaned, resulting in a final dataset of 532 responses. In order to provide the most accurate data possible, data was cleaned and analyzed using statistical software. Any duplicate records were removed.

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