You create the future of work through innovation in HR and rewards. A WorldatWork membership connects you to smart thinking and bright people who can help you transform your organization from evolutionary to revolutionary.

Benefits You Need to Succeed and Excel

Rapid changes in business needs, shifting regulatory landscapes and developments in technology all play into workforce dynamics. A membership with WorldatWork gives you exclusive access to the resources you need — when you need them — so you can design progressive strategies that move your organization forward.

  • Get salary data. Access comprehensive regional and industry salary reports and insights you need to attract and retain top talent.
  • Leading research. Access a vast library of survey reports and snap-survey results that provide critical knowledge and data insights to guide your HR strategy in today’s modern work environment.
  • Get the inside scoop. Hear top experts uncover future trends, address current challenges and deliver actionable strategies and tactics through timely webinars and in-depth virtual education.
  • Stay relevant. WorldatWork’s Annual Salary Budget Survey delivers the critical salary planning information you need on an annual basis. Bonus: Participating members receive a copy of this valuable report for free.
  • Rely on must-haves. From sample compensation formulas and templates to a directory of state-specific labor laws, access pertinent tools to support your work.
  • Cutting edge news. Stay informed with can’t-miss content that advances HR and rewards management, knowledge and skills all delivered via our award-winning Workspan magazine.
  • Dive deeper. Explore key aspects of HR and rewards through the WorldatWork Journal and academic white papers that are rooted in research and delve into theory and practice.
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  • Engage with a strong member network. Find your people. Connect with other leading professionals who are committed, smart and passionate about their work.