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March 27-29, 2019 | San Francisco

2019 Pay Equity Symposium Session Schedule




Networking Reception

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Breakfast Buffet



Join Mihai Popoaca, Michaela Leo and Melissa Sharp Murdock, as they set the stage for this day-and-a-half event. In addition, attendees will have an opportunity to share what they hope and want to hear discussed during the symposium.

Michaela Leo, Director, Compensation Programs and Analytics, Merck

Melissa Sharp Murdock, Director, WorldatWork

Mihai Popoaca, Managing Director, WorldatWork


Where We Are: Getting a Handle on Pay Equity Work

In this panel discussion, senior-level consultants share what they are seeing in the trenches as they work with clients on pay-equity issues. In addition to addressing questions raised during the welcome session, panelists also will discuss the current business, social, ethical and regulatory pressures that are shaping current pay equity work.

Adrienne Altman, Managing Director, North America Rewards, Willis Towers Watson

Gail Greenfield, Principle, Mercer

Michaela Leo, Director, Compensation Programs and Analytics, Merck

Tom McMullen, Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry




Pay Equity: The Changing Legal and Regulatory Landscape

A strong understanding of the developing U.S. and international equal pay laws is a must-have before organizations can dive into pay equity work. Why are these laws being passed and what are they attempting to accomplish? How should multinational organizations address the growing “patchwork” of differing laws? Why is it critical to cloak proactive pay analyses in legal privilege? In this session, you will gain an overview of the developing legal landscape and mounting regulatory pressures on pay equity.

Consuela Pinto, Shareholder, Fortney Scott

Mickey Silberman, Shareholder and Chair, Fortney Scott's Affirmative Action & Pay Equity Practice Group


Lunch Buffet


Determining Your Pay Equity Objectives

Everyone agrees: There is a level of risk involved when working on a pay equity analysis. Successfully leading this kind of internal initiative is a critical component to addressing pay equity in your organization. In this session, learn key considerations as you decide what your organization is trying to achieve. Is it equal pay for equal work? Eliminating the pay gap? Or something else? Gain an understanding of who your internal partners are, how to handle privileged information, how to decide to whom you will allow data access and, perhaps most crucially, how to overcome resistance from doubters.

Rosemary Arriada-Keiper, VP Global Awards, Adobe

Michaela Leo, Director, Compensation Programs and Analytics, Merck

Shane Walker, Sr. Director, Global Compensation, Nike

Brit Wittman, GM, Executive Compensation, Chevron




Pay Equity Analysis: Investigating Whether You Have a Pay Equity Problem

You know you need to run a pay equity analysis … but just what will this look like? From thinking about the work being compared and which groupings make sense for comparisons to the acceptable factors for explaining pay discrepancies, this session will address the considerations you need to weigh when you review your pay systems for inequities.

Rachel Cowen, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Nancy Romanyshyn, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson

Lindsay Wiggins, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson




Remediation Strategies for Addressing Pay Inequities

You’ve conducted the analysis and you understand the organization’s pay equity situation. Now it’s time to choose a remediation strategy. Join experts who will discuss the evolution of remediation strategies and share insights on how to develop your own strategy that aligns with the organization’s pay equity objectives and budget constraints.

Gail Greenfield, Principal, Mercer

Casey North, Senior Associate, Mercer




Building on Pay Equity Efforts to Win and Retain Critical Talent

Brought to you by PayScale

A well-executed pay equity analysis and resulting action can boost your employer brand, drive engagement and retain top talent, and protect your organization against legal action by addressing any individual and systemic inequities. Further, as the factors that drive pay and employee success are clarified by analysis, organizations can use these findings to create programs that prioritize and foster the progression of such talent. Join experts from PayScale as they share insights on conducting analyses to identify and rectify issues, address root causes and shape communication strategies.

Katie Bardaro, VP, Data Analytics, PayScale


Reflection/Wrap Up


Networking Reception and Dinner Buffet


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Breakfast Buffet


What’s Keeping Boards Up at Night

The activist shareholder movement is well-organized and forcing boards to address the pay gap in their organizations. Hear from both board members and senior exec-comp consultants about how boards are responding and what they want organizational leaders to address. Walk away with recommendations on how to manage up, down, across and sideways on pay equity concerns.

Jannice Koors, Senior Managing Director and Western Region President, Pearl Meyer

Patrick Moloney, Region Leader, Executive Compensation, Willis Towers Watson




Planning for Pay Transparency and Rewards Fairness

What’s on the horizon when it comes to pay transparency and rewards fairness? Join this session to hear about what might be next. Is it workplaces where everyone is open and transparent about compensation? Or will employers take the lead and start disclosing pay ranges for all open positions? Learn how organizations should prepare for a potential shift in pay culture and what can be done now to educate the workforce on pay philosophy and goals for the organization’s pay and rewards systems.

Alison Avalos, Director, Membership and Total Rewards Strategy, WorldatWork

Rich Cayetano, LinkedIn, VP Global Compensation and HR M&A

Andrea Morales, Senior Director, HR Operations and Global Awards, Amyris

Brian Shay, Senior Director, Total Rewards, SAP




Moving Forward: Pulling Your Pay Equity Thoughts Together

It’s time to step back and take a 50,000-foot view with regard to the strategic HR overlay of pay equity and how you can manage to effect change in your organization. Hear how compensation leaders are partnering with the Diversity & Inclusion team on this issue and understand who holds responsibility for the representation/candidate pool piece of the puzzle. Find out how you can move the needle in your organization.

Tracy Bosch, Associate Client Partner, Korn Ferry

Michaela Leo, Director, Compensation Programs and Analytics, Merck

Melissa Sharp Murdock, Director, External Affairs, WorldatWork

Nancy Romanyshyn, Director, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson


Lunch Buffet


Delivering Global Pay Equity Reporting

Brought to you by Curo

Ensuring pay equity and transparency is becoming a compelling issue for employers today. For employers with global operations, navigating the emerging legislative requirements across the globe is challenging - yet we know that pay equity increasingly impacts brand perception and the ability to attract and retain talent. This session provides guidance on how to make global comparisons on pay equity across different protected categories and locales and how to implement global action plans, at what cost, in order to reduce pay gaps.

Glizcel Ditto, Senior Compensation Consultant, Curo

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