Certification Frequently Asked Questions

All designations and examinations offered by WorldatWork adhere to the rigorous standards of the certification field. Current practices and applicability drive certification program design. Using emerging developments in the field and feedback from past participants, WorldatWork refines the programs in response to the changes and challenges that affect each professional area.

You can earn designations by passing the required examinations for each certification. While it is not necessary, most candidates take the corresponding certification preparation course offered by WorldatWork.

Types of Certifications Offered

Gain confidence, skills, and credibility with prestigious WorldatWork Society designations. Start today and get the extra edge you need to advance your career and enable you to play a key role in your organization's success.

Core Competency Designations Advanced and Specialty Designations

Requires passing score on curriculum-based exams.

Requires passing score on a competency-based exam.

General Questions

Q: What's the best path for me if I'm ready to get certified? And is WorldatWork membership required to pursue certification?

A: Contact WorldatWork Customer Experience Team at 877-951-9191 (United States and Canada) or 480-951-9191 (other countries) to speak with an adviser who can help you map out your path to certification based on your individual needs and goals.

WorldatWork membership is not required to pursue certification. However, members do receive exclusive discounts on certification prep courses and exams.

Q: Am I required to take a certification prep course or can I simply take the exam?

A: You are not required to take a certification prep course, but many customers find value in learning from experienced instructors and in-depth course materials. You can take either the certification prep course with exam or simply the exam.

Q: Do I need to take the exams in a specific order?

A: No. There is no specific order to take the exams. However, we recommend taking the Total Rewards Management (T1/GR1) course first to establish a good foundation.

Q: Where do I take my certification exam?

A: For ease and convenience, WorldatWork provides online, proctored exams so you can take your exam from your home or the location that works best for you.

For more detailed information about scheduling your WorldatWork certification exam, as well as extension options, visit the exam information webpage.

Q: After I buy the exam, how long do I have to take the test and can I purchase an extension if needed?

A: Your exam authorization expires 120 days from the date of purchase.

Q: What is the minimum passing score?

A:The minimum passing score for all certification exams is 75%.

Q: May I retake a failed exam?

Yes. You may take as many retakes as needed. Please contact Customer Experience Team for pricing of retakes.

Although you may immediately schedule a retake, we recommend you first look over your score report to help identify any areas where you may need additional study and/or experience before retesting. We are happy to advise you on classes to take to prepare you for the retake. WorldatWork has a variety of educational offerings, such as courses, webinars and quality publications, to assist you.

Please contact WorldatWork Customer Experience Team at 877-951-9191 (United States and Canada) or 480-951-9191 (other countries) to speak with an adviser to discuss retake options and prices.

Q: Do the exams I've passed ever expire?

A: If you have not yet achieved your designation, all certification exams expire eight years from the day you passed them. Log in to My Profile then scroll to My Certifications and click on View Certification Status for complete exam information.

Special Note: No expired exams in 2020. WorldatWork has reinstated expired exams. Find out what that means to you. Contact: certification@worldatwork.org. Offer expires 12/31/2020.

If you have achieved your designation and remain current through our recertification process, the exams you passed will never expire.

Q: When I've completed one certification, can those credits be applied to another certification?

A: Yes. You can apply the exam credits from your certification toward the corresponding exam requirements for any future certifications.

Q: Where can I check my certification status?

A: Log in to My Profile then scroll to My Certifications and click on View Certification Status to view exams passed, when you passed them and what exams you have yet to take. Results and information are updated weekly.

Q: How do I apply related exams I've passed when pursuing a second designation, if my first designation has expired?

A: Once you complete the remaining exams required for your second certification, that will serve as the credits needed to recertify your first certification.

Advanced and Specialty Designations

Q: How do the advanced (ACCP) and specialty (CECP, CSCP) designations differ from other WorldatWork Society designations?

A: The advanced and specialty certifications combine knowledge and skills based on experience in the field and the industry standard body of knowledge that is required for individual and business success.

The ACCP, CECP, and CSCP designations are achieved by passing one comprehensive competency-based exam. Prerequisite for ACCP: A CCP or GRP designation under current requirements must be acquired prior to ACCP testing.

The CCP, GRP, and CBP certifications require passing multiple specific curriculum-based exams.

Q: Do I need experience in the field before I take a competency-based exam?

A: Experience in the field is recommended. You should review the comprehensive body of knowledge for your respective focus area. The body of knowledge represents the complete set of knowledge and skills required for professionals working in the field.

View the body of knowledge for: ACCP | CECP | CSCP

Q: How can I test my readiness for a competency-based exam?

A: WorldatWork offers practice exams to help you get familiar with the types of questions asked in all knowledge areas within an exam. Practice exams offer an easy way to test your readiness by assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and help identify knowledge gaps where you may need additional study or experience.

Get practice exam for: ACCP | CECP | CSCP

Q: How many questions are there on a competency-based exam?

A: There are 110-160 questions on the competency-based exams.

Q: I earned my CCP/GRP before the exam requirements changed in 2015, and now I want to pursue an ACCP. Do I need to take the additional exams?

A: Yes. If you would like to acquire the Advanced Certified Compensation Professional (ACCP) designation and earned a CCP or GRP prior to 2015, you must pass the Business Acumen for Compensation Professionals (C8) exam. In addition, CCP Canada and GRP designation holders must pass the International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals (T7) exam.

Q: If I earned my ACCP, does that renew my other certifications?

A: Yes. Any time a new certification is achieved, it will reset the recertification date for all previously earned certifications.

Online Exams

Scheduling your exam

Q: I cannot figure out how to schedule my exam. Help!

A: First, make sure you have created an account on the Learner Dashboard. This must be done prior to scheduling your exam.

Once you are set up with the Learner Dashboard, you will see a Resource Center section on the page In this area, you will find a few resources that should  help you with scheduling your exam, including: Exam Overview PDF, Print and Video Instruction and FAQs.

If you are still unable to schedule your exam, please contact WorldatWork’s Customer Experience Team at 877-951-9191 (United States and Canada), +1 480-951-9191(other countries) or customerexperience@worldatwork.org.

Q: I don't want to download the browser extension or use a webcam. What can I do?

A: Our online proctoring service does require the use of both the extension and a webcam. You have the option of taking the exam on a personal or work laptop that allows use of these two technical requirements. If your employer has placed restrictions on your computer, you may consider contacting your IT department to identify options to allow you to take the online exam.

If you are unable to meet these requirements, please email customerexperience@worldatwork.org so we can discuss alternatives.

Q: I forgot the exam password. Can you help?

A: If you forget the password to unlock the exam, please reach out to customerexperience@worldatwork.org and they can provide the exam password.

Q: Does Examity offer any tools people may find helpful? 

A: You may find additional Test-Taker FAQs and user guides on the Examity website located here.

Q: I require special accommodations. What should I do?

A: WorldatWork provides testing accommodation at no additional cost under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, or equivalent.), contact us at:  877-951-9191 (United States and Canada), +1 480-951-9191(other countries) or customerexperience@worldatwork.org.

Taking the Exam

Q: I scheduled my exam and now I cannot figure out how to get to it. Help!

A: Once you schedule your exam, you should access it by signing first into the Learner Dashboard. Then you will click on the Exam and Remote Proctoring Instructions page. Please ensure you are using Google Chrome. To begin your exam you will follow the instructions to activate the proctoring service.

Q: Is there a live proctor or is the service automated?

A: All exams are conducted through automated proctoring. 

Q: Can I use blank scrap paper or a calculator on my exams?

A: Yes, you are allowed to use blank scrap paper or a calculator during the exams, if needed. Please note: phone calculators are prohibited.

Q: Am I provided a formula sheet?

A: A formula sheet is provided for the T2 and the C3E exams. This formula sheet is accessible in the Learner Dashboard under Resources. Please note that you must download and save this file to your computer prior to the exam.

Q: Can I flag a question and go back within the exam?

A: As of now, you are unable to flag or skip questions once you begin the exam. We recognize this is a change from the past exam experience and we are currently exploring options to allow for revisiting of questions. Please continue to read through the Exam Overview page prior to the exam to stay tuned for changes to the exam experience.

Q: What happens in case of an emergency during the exam?

A:  Deal with the immediate issue first and then continue with the exam. Please email customerexperience@worldatwork.org with details of what occurred and request a retake if needed.

Q: I lost my internet connection (or some other system error occurred)– did the test save the work I did already? Can I pick up where I left off?

A: The exam will need to be reset and you can email customerexperience@worldatwork.org explaining the circumstances and requesting a reset. You will need to start a new exam session.

Q: Is there a timer so I can keep an eye on my 2-hour time?

A: Yes, there is a countdown timer visible on the screen during the exam.

Q: Can I use the refresh button while in the exam?

A: Do not use the refresh button or navigate away from the exam in your browser while in the exam – this will most likely cause technical issues and prevent you from continuing the exam.

Q: Do I need to tell PearsonVue I won’t be taking my exam with them? 

A: You do not need to notify PearsonVue that you will not be taking the exam with them.

Exam Results

Q: Are the results of my exam available immediately?

A: Yes, immediately at the conclusion of your exam, you will see either Pass/Fail. If you see Pass, you scored 75% or greater. If you see Fail, you scored below 75%. You will then be automatically be logged out of the exam. You can see the topic breakdown of areas you struggled with when go back into the course/exam page through your Learner Dashboard.  

Q: I completed the exam,  but I don’t see my score. What happened?

A: You may have signed out of your browser or window too quickly. Please log back into the Learner Dashboard and click on the exam to see your results.

Q: I failed the test – can I see the questions I got wrong?

A: Although we cannot share the exact questions, you will see the topic areas with the most questions wrong. You will see this on the results screen of your exam. On the results page, you will see the list of module numbers that you struggled with so you can refer to those module(s) in your education.

Q: Can I print the exam results?

A: Yes, you can print the browser screen of your exam results.

Q: Why can’t I see my completed exam in my WorldatWork customer profile?

A: We are currently in the process of linking together our various technology platforms. Exam results will be uploaded to the customer profile on a weekly basis. We recommend checking back weekly, and eventually your exam score will be posted. In the future, this will be instantaneous.

Q: What if something comes up and I no-show my exam? Is there a fee for rescheduling or if I miss my exam time?

A: Please make every effort to be 15 minutes early for your exam. If you are more than 15 minutes late, Examity may request that you reschedule. There is not a fee at this time for rescheduling, but that could change in the future.

Learner Dashboard

Q: What is the Learner Dashboard?

A: The Learner Dashboard is the WorldatWork platform for accessing your educational content, viewing webinars, and browsing and purchasing WorldatWork products. Shortly after completing purchase, you’ll receive an email invitation to create a Learner Dashboard account and you will use the link in this invitation to create your password (your email address is your “username”). We are currently working to connect this directly to your WorldatWork username and password so eventually you will not need two separate logins.

Q: How do I access the Learner Dashboard to begin my courses and exams?

A: Once you create your account you can access the Learner Dashboard via this link https://waw.thoughtindustries.com/learn/dashboard. We recommend bookmarking this link, but you will also access it through My Profile on the WorldatWork website.

Q: How do I track my progress towards my certification?

A: You will track your progress towards certification in My Profile on the WorldatWork website.

Q: When does my course and exam access begin and how long do I have to complete it?

Start time for your course and exam is 120 days and is activated from the date of purchase. While we are working to finalize some of our platforms, you may not see an expiration date on the Learner Dashboard.

Q: This e-learning looks very different than what I studied in the past. Do I have to start over? Is this exam relevant to me?

A: We did update our e-learning with refreshed video instruction and content! You are welcome to review the new format before taking your exam. However, please know that there were no significant changes in the content and either version will help you prepare for the exam.


Q: Does my certification expire?

A: All WorldatWork Society designations require 12 recertification credits every three years. When requested, WorldatWork will respond appropriately to specific inquiries by employers regarding an individual's certification status.

Q: How do I keep my designation(s) current?

A: Begin by starting the Recertification Application form. This form will collect all your recertification credits. You can earn credits through a variety of activities. Visit the Recertification page to learn more.

Q: To recertify, do I need to earn 12 recertification credits for each of my designations?

A: No. You need a total of 12 recertification credits. If you’ve earned two or more designations, you only need to complete the recertification credits for one to keep them all current.

Q:: How do I know when my certification expires?

A: Once earned, the designations remain part of your transcript record. The status of your certification and expiration can be found on My Profile under Certification Status.

Certifications that are not maintained by filing an application every three years are considered out of date until the Recertification Application has been filed and approved.

Q:  When should I submit the Recertification Application form?

A: You may complete the Recertification Application form any time after you earn a designation. We recommend that you complete the form right away to allow credits earned through WorldatWork recertification activities to be automatically added to your recertification status.

If you meet the requirements for recertification 30 days prior to your renewal date, your designation will be renewed automatically. If it is within the 30 days prior to your renewal date, you must complete the application form in order to be recertified.

Q:  What happens after I complete my 12 recertification credits?

A: After we receive and approve your fulfilled recertification application, you will receive a new certificate that indicates you are current for an additional three years. At the end of your current designation period, you’ll be eligible to begin accruing credit toward your next recertification.

Q:  When is my Recertification Application form closed?

A: When you reach 12 recertification credits, your recertification application will close within 30 days of your original designation expiration, renewing your certification for another three years.

Q:  Can I still recertify if my recertification date has expired?

A: Yes. You can enter your credits by going back three years from the date on the recertification application. Once you obtain the 12 credits needed, select the “Submit” button to send your application to our certification team for review and approval.

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