Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Experts develop content that supports learning objectives for educational products and/or job tasks associated with the bodies of knowledge for certification products.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Participate on a development team.
  • Define the knowledge, skills and abilities required for practitioners to perform given responsibilities.
  • Explain/document the processes required for practitioners to perform given responsibilities.
  • Suggest exercises and/or case studies to reinforce learning.
  • Contribute core content and original materials.
  • Acquire information through formal or informal interviews.
  • Supply source materials, reference items and supplemental resources.
  • Add richness to content by offering first-hand field knowledge (e.g., anecdotal stories, case studies, best practices, tips, tricks of the trade) that can be shared with others to improve knowledge.
  • Consult on issues that occur during content reviews.
  • Meet all agreed upon deadlines.

Qualifications (or selection criteria):

  • Extensive knowledge of the content/topical area.
  • Current practitioner or consultant in content/topical area.
  • Ability to bring day-to-day experience to the subject.
  • Ability to clearly communicate to external audiences.
  • Capacity to see projects through to completion.

Time Commitment:

  • Varies by project. 
  • Project scope will be established and reviewed with the Subject Matter Expert at the onset of the project.


  • Project orientation.
  • Guidance on the development process.
  • Conference calls or online development meetings, as necessary.

Volunteer Benefits:

  • Opportunity to define, evolve and validate the profession.
  • Ability to network with other Subject Matter Experts and WorldatWork staff.
  • Gain recognition by sharing your expertise and taking your place among the profession’s experts.

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